Hello and thank you for checking out ProDigitalSuccess.

My name is Fariss and I  started  my career as a digital marketer five years back…I was desperate at that time because my 400$ monthly salary from my job as a teacher was not enough.

It was not enough to cater for my needs and those of my family.

Not enough to live a life of abundance in love, family relationship, health or finances.

I was facing a big challenge to change my situation, and in order to do that I had to find a way to make an extra income.

I knew doing a part time offline job wasn’t worth it , I had tried several things like selling goods and doing private english courses, but nothing of that helped .

So I decided to take a different path because the world around me had changed a lot.

The first thing I did was to buy myself a home computer for $170 and get an internet connection for $20 a month.

I immediately started looking for ways to make money from my computer.

My first searches were around finding an online English teaching job, I started contacting online schools and sending my CVs to various employers but never got a favorable reply, I had to work more on my CV..and I didn’t have a good potential for that.

So I turned away and started a new search, I found “watch ads earn cents websites’, I worked 2 months on growing my referrals, I reinvested the money I earned back in buying more referrals, but when the time of my first payment has come, I discovered that it was just a scam.

I had nothing to do, I reopened a new account with no purpose other than watching those ads merely for curiosity, It was the first time I landed on a video presentation by a guy named George Brown, and Since watching that presentation, my vision and life started to change altogether, and I found myself a beginner online marketer.

I spent the past five years doing CPA and affiliate marketing, SEO and mostly building niche websites.

During that course, I worked with companies like Clickbank, Clickagain and Amazon, and I could sell over $500,000 worth of physical and digital products using different methods.
The commissions I made don’t go beyond $30k in total, most of which I invested back in online training and opportunities.

You can clearly see that I haven’t achieved great results with those figures, but I am pushing forward unstoppably, I have burned all bridges behind me and no looking back will save me, neither will it save anyone mourning about their past mistakes.

I am now a new person with a mindset focused only on success in all aspects of life.

I know success will come following a precise course of action, and I am taking it.

This is why I created this blog with one mission in mind, to help my readers avoid the same mistakes I did in the past.

I don’t pretend I am safe from mistakes now, I believe success is a combination of failure and goal achievements, goals cannot be achieved without mistakes or we would become godly creatures.

But in order to deserve success, we should all practise errors, because in their very nature,  errors help us distinguish between what works and what’s not.

And I am here to teach you what worked for me based on my experience and testing, I am giving you the exact methods that successful digital entrepreneurs are using to make consistent income from the comfort of their home, while travelling the world and enjoying a digital lifestyle of greatness.

The model I follow at ProDigitalSuccess is to pick up legit opportunities that I am a member of, or digital products that I personally use, and give them to you as case studies so you can make an educated decision about which path to follow.

All the products I review are meant to help novice and advanced affiliates to make more money from the internet, but every opportunity I present does take the same course of events required to produce success, and those are a clear and definite goal, followed by deep belief and faith, and wrapped in massive action based on what you learned in those opportunities.

So if you are ready to take your digital success to the next level, all you have to do is browse carefully through the posts and pages of this website, you will find all you need to know to make consistent income on your own, but always remember that only by following your passion that you can make money online or in life in general.

The posts on this blog are for the ways used to make money, and you have to use those ways according to what you love most.

Let’s say your deepest passion is tennis, or you are passionate about dogs and breeding, so by implementing the strategies you learn here, you can be of great help to the people who share the same interests with you, this is the only to have a meaning to what you do, so you can become an authority in your niche.

And always remember that only by being genuine and helpful and persevering that you can see success.

Thank you again for reading till the end, and I hope to see your success story here at ProdigitalSuccess.