Hello and welcome to my honest Bing Bang Profits review.
Are you looking for a legit way to generate income from the internet?

Maybe you want to acquire an extra skill to maximize your marketing profits, but you’re afraid of the many scams that claim you can make money from day one.

Such claims are not usually false, and in some rare occasions, you can find a training to help you get results in just a few days, but it all depends on your readiness and ability to perform what you learn proficiently.

However, a rule of thumb is, online success comes through many trials and errors; and it requires investment in tools, time and above all, traffic.

This is why you should seek advice from an experienced and unbiased source.

To help you make an educated decision, I always do massive research around the products I review, then I try them in person to see if they really stand to their promise, and this is the case with Bing Bang Profits. So,…

What is Bing Bang Profits?

Essentially, Bing Bang Profits is a cloud-based software for bing ads to allow you spy on your competition, and find out top performing ads in any niche.

The software will help you earn money basically by leveraging other marketer’s hard work to your advantage, so that you can clone their ads and profit from their expertise, research and testing.

This is not a new concept, as there are a lot of other spy tools out there, but Bing Bang Profits is a bit cheaper than other tools in the marketplace, and it comes with a lot of training in CPA and affiliate marketing, for novice and advanced affiliates.

That’s something most spy tools don’t provide, and that’s what makes Bing Bang Profits unique.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then stick with me in this review, because I will give you complete details about the training as well as a full demo of the software.

And most importantly, I’ve put together a bonus package if you’d like to pick up BBP through my link.

This package will cover the missing element in Bing Bang Profits, and it contains a bunch of helpful resources that will boost your success and get you started quickly in the lane of a professional, but more one that later.

Now, let me proceed with my review, and I will cover in it the training inside Bing Bang Profits, the software’s features and tools, and my personal experience with BBP as a proof of its authenticity.




Demetris D papa
Mr Demetris D-Papa is a greek guy with over ten years of experience in digital marketing, during that course, he has helped many marketers go from zero to making thousands on autopilot.

Some of the products he created are, TrafficZion, Pintra, Passionfuze and Bing Bang Profits.


Dpapa takes out much of the guess work from CPA and affiliate marketing, and makes it easy for you to launch your first campaign with no technical complications.

The way he goes through the course is fairly understandable, and he will give you the knowledge that you need to achieve a success like his own, on condition that you take massive action based on that knowledge.

Mr Demetris provides over-the shoulder case studies of the campaigns he has been testing, which have made him results over and over.

Searching, finding the offer, launching the campaign with the help of the Software, and making money in front of your eyes.

The training will help you build leads, generate commissions and drive traffic to your offers _ with any type of products you might think of _ a shopify store, a blog, or your offers in any cash network _ Warriorplus, maxbounty and clickbank, to mention just a few.
Now let us get into the training modules, and see what awaits you inside.




Dpapa gives general guidelines on how to go through the training and benefit the most from its value.

He strictly recommends that you follow the steps from A to Z without skipping any, whatever be your level of experience.


Dpapa shows his income results in order to inspire beginners of the possible financial success when they apply his advice.

His proofs of income are from various cash networks like JVzoo, Maxbounty and Clickbank, and are meant to prove that you can make money following his strategies in whatever platform you may choose to work with.


Mr Demetris talks about the foundational tools he personally uses to build his online cash machines, and which you will need to use to be able to clone his success.

Dpapa tried to make things easy for budget friendly minded people, this is why he recommends a one time fee landing page creator called Igloo, it operates exactly as Clickfunnels which costs $97 a month, but Igloo is only $297 one time fee or $37 a month.

However as he says, you can always use the landing page creator available at Aweber or Getresponse, the autoresponders he recommends to build your email list, and which cost around $15 a month.

You will also need a domain name from Godaddy, and a tracking software if you want to go advanced.


This module has seven training sections, including tens of tutorials based on live case studies, that you can clone and learn from to make money .

Besides, you will get many other bonuses that you can use to accelerate your success, and I will focus here on the two main sections that make the heart of this module.


This section is based on a real case study that shows you the different steps taken by Mr Demetris in setting up a campaign in the paid survey niche, running ads to it, until you see results in 24 hours.

You will also learn:

  • How to set up your Bing ads account.
  • How to sign up and get approved at Maxbounty and Clickbank.
  • How to find good converting offers to promote.
  • How to create a landing page and link it with a domain name.
  • And how to instantLy create ads using the Bing keyword suggestion tool inside the software.

Mr Demetris presents two strategies throughout this section, one is direct product promotion, the other is done through indirect promotion to collect subscribers and grow email lists.

From my humble experience, the success or failure of each strategy depends on how you approach it, but usually the second strategy brings better ROI, as you own two chances to convert your visitors into buyers, either when they subscribe and are redirected to your affiliate link, or after you start educating them via email follow ups.


If you are a lazy student, Mr Demetris has provided extraordinary value to help you out.

A Done For You Campaign in the paid survey niche with pre-built templates, that you can upload directly to your landing page builder, or as html files for instant use with your web server.

The templates have been tested for high conversions by Mr Demetris, and come with a survey demographics to help you in campaign targeting.

You will also get a whole list of reserached keywords in the survey and work from home niche, as well as pre-written email swipes that you can use at will.

Mr Demetris provides extra tips to help you achieve higher conversions and also get cheaper clicks for your ads, and this strategy can be applied to almost any niche that you may want to target in the future.


This module will show you how to use Bing Bang Profits software from A to Z, it presents six video tutorials explaining the different tools you’re gonna find inside the software and how to use them.

It’ll also teach you how to synchronize the software with your Bing ads account, and how to create instant ads with the click of a button.


Owning a spy tool that shows you live campaigns, targeted keywords, the exact bidding, titles and descriptions to attract buyers; and what landing pages your competitors are using to collect emails, will give you an adge over any niche you may want to promote.

This will not only help you build profitable campaigns, but it will also allow you create a consistent and reliable source of income.

Seeing what your successful competitors do, will enable you to model that success without having to go through a lot of tweaking and split testing, which is necessary when you first launch a marketing campaign.
Testing and tweaking is a lengthy process that costs quiet a lot of money and wasted time, but the software allows you to bypass that whole phase by modeling what other entrepreneurs have already been successful at, so you just go there and outperform what they have done basically.


Inside the software you will need to focus on the two most important tools you will depend on to spy on your competition, to find profitable keywords and to export that data to your bing ads account.

These are the Bing competition tool and the Bing suggest tool, and these will be the core of my review and demo of the software.


This tool will allow you to find live campaigns in almost any niche you may want to explore, just enter your chosen keyword and let the magic happen.

Once you enter your keyword, you will see the exact titles and descriptions used by your competitors, and also the exact landing pages to which they drive traffic.

bing bang profits review

The software enables you to search your competition in four countries; USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Once you locate your favorite add, just click on export then head over to your Bing ads account to see it there.

But make sure to edit those ads to fit with your campaign and also to avoid looking spammy in the eyes of Bing.


This tool functions like the first one in terms of data exports, but it is focused on finding the exact keywords that your competitors are bidding on for the campaigns you located primarily.

This tool will give hundreds of keywords including the exact monthly searches, the number of clicks they get, the CTR or click through rate which helps you identify the most profitable keywords, the exact bids, and also the CPC or Cost per Click you may pay for each keyword.

bing bang profits review

The Bing suggest tool enables you to apply many filters to locate laser targeted keywords according to your exact criteria.

bing bang profits review

For instance, you can specify keywords that get at least one thousand searches monthly, and which have a high Click Through Rate, and this means you can get the most clicks on your ads, and also avoid wasting time on keywords that don’t get any clicks.

Now, I let me tell you my exact story with BBP, and I hope it will help you make a clear decision as whether this software and training will help you make money in a short period of time or not.


To tell you the truth, I didn’t buy any upsells of BBP, I did that deliberately to prove that the front end product gives results without the need of those upsells.

However, I know from some friends of mine who are also members of BBP, that the training in those upsells will give you advanced info about tracking and extra case studies, which is very important to maximize your ROI and save you money further down the road.

I have tried bing ads following other courses in the past, but I just seemed to waste money with no results, so I stopped messing with it altogether, because I got afraid to spend all my budget and stay broke.

But in the first two days of using Big Bang Profits, I was able to make $22.78 and 86 subscribers to my list.

The sale I got was from an email that I sent. In fact, I did not write a single word in that email, it was only from promotional tools provided by a Clickbank Vendor, and I will show you inside my bonus package a list of top Clickbank offers that come with high converting email swipes in various niches.

I was very excited because I had never made a dime using paid ads before, and that time I just cracked the code.

Bing Bang Profits results
Bing Bang Profits proof
Is that a lot of money? Of course not, but considering the fact that I had no success experience with Bing, I was able to mimic the survey campaign that Mr Demetris shows in the course, basically mimicking his funnel and all the other stuff.

I did not buy any page builder, I just used the free page builder provided by Getresponse and a domain name that I already owned.

This is again to prove that you can do without the page builder at an initial stage, and when you make profits, you can reinvest that money to buy more advanced tools.

I have stopped running ads for now because I have other priorities, but certainly I will get back to this very soon to give it more focus.

So over a period of two days, I was able to earn $22.78 with an ad spend of about $15, which is not bad considering the fact I was never successful in this before. However, I just wanted to give you a little proof that this actually works.

Bing Bang Profits Customer Support and Social Proof.

BBP comes with great customer support to help you with any problem that may arise with the software and training.

Mr Demetris has created a Facebook group for all users, where you can connect with other members and learn from their success stories and mistakes, you will also have your questions answered promptly by Mr Dpapa and other group members.

And now I will present to you some social proof from other members who have seen their first online success using the software and the training.

These results are not typical, but they are meant to prove that you can imitate those results too if you give time to the training, and believe in your capacity to achieve success.

Bing Bang Profits Pros & Cons.

The Pros

  • Great training that covers all you need to know to run a successful CPA and affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Over-the-shoulder case studies that you can imitate or copy to work with instantly.
  • The exact steps taken to grow an email list via paid traffic that you can use to promote any product in almost any niche.
  • Software to spy on your competition and come up with better ads to dominate your niche.
  • Software makes it easy to discover top performing keywords without the need of keyword tools that cost more money.
  • Great support from product creators.
  • A Facebook community to inspire and help you achieve more success.
  • Great overall value for a budget friendly price of just $37 one time fee.

The Cons

  • Software works only in UK, USA, Canada and Australia.
  • Requires extra tools and investment to make it work.
  • Training has upsells to teach you more about tracking, which is essential to cut off ad spend and maximize ROI.


Bing Bing Profits is suitable for both advanced and newbie affiliates.

A legitimate training wrapped up in a majestic software to help you build profitable campaigns with maximum ROI.

If you are serious about achieving online success, the value you will get from Bing Bang Profits will help you understand how expert affiliates actually build their sales funnels and get their own traffic, which is the heart of any online business.

Once you learn how to set up your marketing funnels and how to control your own traffic, you can build a sustainable business that will bring income day in day out and for years to come.

$497 Bonus Package to kick start your Success to the Next Level.

#Bonus: 1

Tracking Brilliance: Value $68

Tracking is the most important element that the majority of online courses hide in their upsells. When you learn proper tracking, you can detain the keywords that got you sales and stop spending money on useless keywords, that’s how you cut off your ad expenses and maximise ROI.

Tracking Brilliance has plenty of video series to help you out in your journey to become an advanced marketer by mastering Bing tracking.

#Bonus: 2

Product Conversion Pro: Value $27

If you neglect the power of conversion in the products you are promoting, you risk spending a lot of money on campaigns that don’t make you enough gains.

With Product Conversion Pro, I will give you a secret hack that will allow you to find top converting offers in almost any niche. It’s an easy two step process that will enable you find hidden data about so many products that only professionals know, so that you quickly pick up the best offers and stay assured that you will maximize your gains very quickly.

#Bonus: 3

Effective Email Swipes: Value $37

Being able to write effective emails that persuade and convert is a rare skill that only expert digital entrepreneurs master.

Your first ever email can tighten or break the relation with your subscribers forever.

So why bother yourself with guessing how or what to write in an effective email that will make you sales, boost your revenue, and build a relationship of trust between you and your readers?

Effective Emails Swipes will give you a bunch of top converting Clickbank offers with ready to use email swipes written by experts, and tested time and again for high conversions, all you will need to do is copy and paste in your autoresponder, and edit a little bit if you want to be more personal, and there you go ready to make passive commissions.

#Bonus: 4

Effective CPA Funnels: Value $47

As I covered in in this article, a marketing funnel is the process of driving completely new prospects to becoming faithful and repeated clients for years. This is usually a tricky process that requires a lot of tweaking and testing, and this is why most marketers fail to build effective sales funnels at the very beginning of their online career.

Effective CPA Funnels will give you a clear cut strategy to build cash machines that convert highly with your Bing ads traffic. Thus, saving you a lot of money on ad spend that you can  invest at your will in growing your business to a long lasting profitable asset.

#Bonus: 4

HighTicket Wealth Machine: Valued at $320

Driving traffic to an offer to make a measly $27 per sale does almost follow the same steps to directing that traffic to an offer that will bank you $2500+ uprfront.

There are many High-Ticket products out there offering a commission range of up to 100k, but they always  ask you to pay to play their game.

What if I could give you a secret that only a top earners from my private circle know about?

High Ticket Wealth Machine is about giving a high-in-demand product that a lot of wealthy buyers are striving to put hands on, and that you can promote absolutely free.

This offer allowed me to make more than $25k in less than 10 sales, and I will give you the exact blueprint used by our top earners to make $5k-$25k a month on complete autopilot.

Steps to Get Your Bonuses

#1 Get Bing Bang Profits Software and Training through this link.

#2 Reach back to me with your order id at vick@successfluencer.com, or send me a message through my contact page.

#3 I will send you the guides in a time frame of 24hours.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

BBP creators are 100% Confident That You Will Love Their Amazing Product And Once You Set It Up , You Will Be Creating Profitable Ads Within Minutes.
They Are Offering A 60-Day,  Money-Back Guarantee With Their Software And Training.