In this post I am going to show you how you could make Yoonla your additional source of income, and earn up to $100 daily if you follow one of the methods I tell you below.

But I should warn you that this is not an easy task, as it will take you time and a lot of focus; and above all, you will need to be consistent to achieve good results.

Generally, this is the same work required with any online opportunity, but the methods I will teach you are proven to work if you are dedicated and consistent. So let us get started :

How to Make Money with Yoonla in 2018 for free?

Ultimately, for any online business to thrive, quality traffic is essential, and by this I mean ( qualified visitors to your site or landing page), because good traffic means good money, and if you drive no traffic, no one will see your offer, and you will make no money at all.

There are Free ways to make money with Yoonla, and also paid ones.

If you are on a small budget, I advise you to focus on the free ways to drive traffic, because usually when you go to paid traffic methods, you will need to invest hundreds of dollars on testing and tweaking until you make your campaign ROI ( Return on Investment ) higher than you ad spend.

But if you have a good budget to start with, and are sure of how to make successful paid campaigns, then that kind of traffic will save you a lot of time and efforts, and you can literally start making money from day one.

So let us get started with Free Traffic.

Social Media Traffic

how to make money with yoonla

As you probably know, billions of people today spend most of their time on social media, watching Youtube videos, Engaging with friends on Facebook and Twitter, seeking inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest or meeting professionals on Linkedin .

Those people have different tastes and interests, and a large number of them makes at least one purchase every month from these boards, so if you could market your opportunity properly on one of those and reach the right audience, there is no doubt you will make money.

You should also know that those boards offer both the opportunity to advertise your products using paid ads or free methods.

And in this post, I will focus on the free ways to market Yoonla using organic social media traffic.

Youtube Videos.

I preferred to start with Youtube because this is one of the best free ways to make money online, be it with Yoonla or with any other product you’re selling.

A lot people prefer to watch video reviews about a product they’re interested in rather than reading long posts, and Youtube turns out to be the one go place for that type of people.

Youtube allows users to create their own channel and to upload unlimited videos that comply with Youtube’s policy.

So if you decide to go that route, make sure your videos are compliant with Youtube’s rules, this is to avoid your account closure or any other problem that may arise.

Also make sure to make your video stand out from the crowd, and here are some tips to help you in this :

If you are an upgraded member with Yoonla, you will find a thorough pdf guide called ‘Yoonla Youtube Mastery’ in their advanced training section, the guide gives you all you need to know to make money from Youtube, and you won’t need to look somewhere else.

how to make money with yoonla

Make sure to craft a good video introduction that will catch your viewers curiosity and make them stick to see your video till the end.

Make sure that your video introduction is no more than 10 seconds, people usually decide to complete watching or leave in that time span, so take that in your consideration.

If you can appear in your videos in person, this will give people more trust in what you have to say, if however you are shy, then make sure to design a good introduction as I already said to gain more trust from your viewers.

Do your keyword research around Yoonla, and try to come with a keyword title to your video that is more catchy; for instance, “Yoonla Review – How I made $1740 in just a Week ” or “Discover the Untold Secret to Make Money with Yoonla”.

Give quality content, be organised in your video, provide as much help as you can and try to answer any questions that you think your viewers will have.

Avoid lengthy videos, try to stripe your video to less than 12 minutes.

Tips to Rank your video on the first page of Youtube.

Youtube has an algorithm by which it ranks videos, if you play with it right, you stand more than a chance to be placed on the very first page and get thousands of views for free.

  1. Put your keyword in the title of your video.
  2. Put your keyword in the description that comes usually below your video.
  3. Tags are so powerful, so make sure to come up with as many tags as you can, as this will give you a chance to rank for so many other videos, you can find related tags by spying over your competitors and copy and paste their tags on your own video.
  4. Share your video with friends and ask them to leave you a comment because Youtube will know that your video inspired engagement from viewers, and that’s what they want.
  5. Ask your friends to watch your video till the end because this is one major algo that Youtube favors.
  6. Take the url of your video and put it on every social profile you have or use, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc, this way your video will have more authority in the eyes of Youtube.

Facebook Group Posting.

According to, at the second quarter of 2018, Facebook reached 2.23 billion monthly active users.

This is definitely a huge number, and the best part is that you can find groups in almost every topic you could think about; to count just a few, pets, cat lovers, dog lovers, boxing, politics and money making.

This method is simple and straightforward, you just join Facebook groups that have interests in making money online or working from home, and you post to them.

How to Make Money with Yoonla on Facebook Free?

First head over to Facebook, and write on the search bar : make money online- work from home jobs – home based business – online money; anything that has relationship to making money from home, then you choose groups, not pages or people ..make sure to join related groups in your niche- So many groups will approve you immediately.

how to make money with yoonla

Once you get approved, you will now be able to post to those groups, but you should do it the right way , so how to do it properly ?

First of all, you should come up with a good image for your post, because according to so many experts, a post with a good image tends to get more engagement than a text post.

A good place to find free images is a site called, so you should find an image that will grab user’s attention, and write a good text that will entice users to engage with your post.

I have come with a good example from a Facebook group called : Affiliate Marketing worldwide – See image below :

how to make money with yoonla

You can see that the number of engagement has reached 84 comments at the time of this post, and if you could turn just four people from those comments into buyers, you could make 4 x$4 = $16; besides, if they upgrade to Yoonla Elite, then you will bank another $45 x 4 =$180. That’s a total of $196 from just one Facebook post, not bad at all.

One drawback to this method is that you will find so many competitors doing the same as you do, another challenge you will face is that you should reply to those people within a specific time frame so as not to lose them, and also follow up with them properly to get them sign up to your offer.

From my humble experience, Facebook group posting is a good way to find direct interested buyers to your offer, but it is a manual task that involves daily work and a lot of talk to convince people to buy from you, it also involves a big competition, so if you are not sure you can handle that, you can always ask people to subscribe to your list through the Yoonla funnel you are provided with as a Yoonla Elite member, and you can talk to them on your email follow ups to convince them later to join your offer.

Twitter Direct Selling.

A less crowded social board is Twitter, according to statista, the micro-blogging service averaged 335 million monthly active users at the second quarter of 2018.

While the number of Twitter users may seem a bit smaller compared to Facebook, this in itself is a good reason to tap into this platform to market your products as the number of competition is smaller.

The method I am going to show you has worked for me various times, and only a few people know about it, so you can stay assured that if you do it as I recommend, you can make a decent amount of money.

The method will require you to message people directly in their twitter chat, but you will only talk to people who are in real need of help, so how will you find those interested people on a large social media board such as twitter ?

First you will go to advanced search on Twitter :, and then write the exact phrase ( I want to make money ).how to make money with yoonla

You should write that exact phrase because that’s how you can find people who have clearly expressed their need of help to make money, that way when you direct chat them, you won’t look spammy.

how to make money with yoonla

You can see that many people have tweeted about making money, and that’s your chance to offer them help and make some money at the same time.

You can also change the search query to ( I need to make money ), because people have different ways of expressing their thoughts, and you need to cover all the searches, but remember to be nice in your message so as not to lose those qualified clients.