Hello and welcome to my Honest Yoonla review.

If you’re just getting started as a digital entrepreneur, or if you already have some experience in online marketing, then you’ve come to the right place .

And in this post, I will show you how Yoonla CPA affiliate program works, whether it is a legitimate opportunity, and what you’ll need to become successful with Yoonla and CPA marketing..in general .

But before we get started, let me give you a quick summary about myself and my short story as an affiliate marketer before I stumbled on Yoonla.

My name is Fariss and I am 36 . A little over 5 years ago, I realized that my job as a teacher was not a good means to live my life in my own terms .

I wanted to become financially free; and certainly a measly salary of 450$ a month besides 36 hours work weeks will not help in that.

I wanted to be free to enjoy much time with my family members and do what we wanted when we wanted it .

I needed much more money to buy the things we loved, to provide quality education to my kids and to travel to the beautiful places we always dreamed of .

Unfortunately, my employment was only a way to continue working like a slave for another 30 years to come, and end up sick and poor after I retire at age 65 .

Should I keep working in something I didn’t like ? Absolutely not !

So I thought to myself ‘ why not act smarter and retire younger and healthier ? ‘

Yoonla Review – Online Marketing is one of the Best and Fastest ways to Retire at a Younger age .

yoonla elite review 2018


I knew there was something big on the internet, so I got a pc and a WiFi and started work and research immediately .

I had no experience whatsoever, only my modest English language and a strong desire to achieve success, these were enough to push me forward .

After 3 months of research I purchased my first course by George Brown for 47$ .

The course promised a lot of money to be made if you followed a certain formula, but did not mention what other extras were needed that complemented the work; these were revealed in the upsell for another 197$ which I could not afford at that time .

I knew that a thorough online marketing course would cost at least $2700 for just the training, and a 47$ course with so many positive reviews could certainly give me a good start. I eventually decided to give it a try .

After I completed the purchase and logged into the members area, I discovered that I had to pay another 145$ for a domain name and a website hosting .

I knew I had no other choice because the method seemed legit with a lot of youtube reviews and income proofs from many marketers.

So I got myself the website and everything and started the work .

The Usual Shock after the First Ever Product .

After doing exactly what George Brown said, I was able to make my first Clickbank sale in just 30 days .

That was pretty awesome because I was a total newbie .

That method required a lot of work; starting with keyword research, content writing, SEO and a lot of split testing; a whole process to do the job properly .

Since then, it took me around two years to see some real success in that business model .

The biggest mistake I commited was not purchasing the upgraded course for 197$, that could have saved  me a lot of time and thousands of dollars down the road, because it certainly contained the secret element that makes the formula work .

I eventually had buy other courses to know what exactly was that missing element, and how big names like Vick Streizus and D-Papa are doing it to make thousands of dollars daily on auto-pilot .

And believe me when I say that if I had stumbled on a program like Yoonla that would have saved me a lot of time and money .

So what’s in Yoonla that makes it such a great deal?

Is it the missing element that I had to pay thousands to learn?

That’s right, and that’s what I’m going to reveal in the following lines, so please keep reading .

What is Yoonla all about ?

Yoonla is a CPA program; CPA stands for Cost per action, and this is where you get paid when someone fills in a form with their name, email or sometimes SSN and mail address .

The more complicated the form, the higher your payout will be .

There are so many CPA platforms out there, and they all act differently from Yoonla .

Other CPA comppanies require you going through a phone call interview with an affiliate manager about your prior experience in online marketing, and how you will be promoting their offers; in some cases, your application gets refused by the affiliate manager if you don’t have enough experience .

One advantage to other CPA companies is that they have products in different niches like weight loss and dating that you can promote at your will .

But they all require certain tools to get the job done .

While in Yoonla you don’t have to go through any phone call to get approved, but you have only one product to promote, and that’s Yoonla itself .

How does Yoonla CPA work ?

You should know from the start that Yoonla has two different membership websites:

#1 Yoonla Evolve which is free to join, and is an entirely newbie friendly video training series, that allows you to be an upgraded affiliate marketer, ready to generate leads and make commissions.

Click here to Join Yoonla Evolve for Free .

———————–Read my detailed Yoonla Evolve Review here ————————-

#2 Yoonla elite which requires you to buy some tools to be an upgraded member, and be ready to start working to receive commissions. These tools will cost you an average $20 a month to start.

You may wonder what these tools are, and why they are very important to start with Yoonla, or to making money online ?

These are the same old tools that I had to spend several years to master, and finally learn the secret element to affiliate and CPA marketing that allows you to sell any product online .

What eventually took me five years to learn and apply is that best affiliate CPA marketing practises are done through the following formula.

Elements for Successful CPA Affiliate Marketing Promotions .

a Funnel with name and email field (usually called a squeeze or landing page)+ an autoresponder + a winning product + targeted traffic + capturing leads + sending follow ups + generating more sales every day on autopilot..

yoonla review

This is one of the surefire ways to build your online business today .

But I should warn you that If you find it difficult to go through that process, you’ll need to leave now and find yourself something else to do .

However, if you want to learn how to master these tools and start building your online empire, then continue reading .

If on the other side you want to find another paid product to make money online, I am sure that in 90% of the cases, you will come across a tutor or a mentor who will ask you to buy these same tools, and then will teach you how to find a winning offer, build your funnel around it and drive traffic to start making money .

Some famous products who will ask you to buy the same tools to start in affiliate marketing are.

The Four Percent by Vick Streighzeus

Bing Bang Profits by Demitris D-Papa

Wealthy Affiliate by Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun

How much does it cost to start in CPA Marketing ?

# The average start up price for this business model is $150/ a year for a funnel builder, but you could find cheaper ones and of course low quality ones .

# $15/a month for an auto responder, $180/ a year .

# $10 /a year for domain name. This is over $340 a year with no traffic fees included .

Now let us know how these tools relate to Yoonla, and how much you could be making if you promote Yoonla properly.

First of all, Yoonla Elite will provide you with a pre-built landing page tested for high conversions by a team of experts .yoonla review

This will avoid you the cost of paying for a page builder, but you will have to pay for website domain$10/a year, webhosting $80/ a year and autoresponder for 15$/ a month .

Then, you will need to start driving traffic to Yoonla to make money .

How much money can you make with Yoonla?

You will be paid $4 on every free sign up through your Yoonla affiliate link from the following countries :

USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand.

You will be paid 0$ for free sign ups from other world countries, and you can still make tier one and tier 2 commissions if your referrals upgrade their account.

Here is the exact commission structure as recently updated by the Yoonla team.

$40 on Tier 1 & $35 on Tier 2.

This means, whenever you generate an Elite referral you will earn an instant $40 on Tier 1. Then when any of your Elite referrals go on to generate Elite referrals of their own, they earn the Tier 1 $40 commission, and you earn the Tier 2 $35 commission.

Your role will be to help your subscribers to upgrade to Elite and teach them how they can promote Yoonla, and this is a win win situation for both of you .

What is the minimum payout of Yoonla ?

$100 – After a month cycle when all the leads are evaluated to be legitimate, you will be paid directly to your Paypal account .

Note : you will only be paid when two referrals of yours upgrade to a Yoonla Elite members for the period of that month .

Currently, Yoonla do only have Paypal as their payment method; however, they are planning to add new payment methods in the near future .

My Yoonla Income Results .

I know that the results I will show you are not typical, and that you can achieve a lot more by doing the required work and being consistent, but I am showing you this just to prove that you can absolutely make money with this program if you implement the strategies and tips you are taught .

So in my first month after joining Yoonla and upgrading to Elite, I wanted to get quick results and go with paid advertising, this is why I tried two solo ads, I invested $75 at each for 100 clicks and I got around 220 clicks with bonus included .

Essentially, Solo Ads means that you’re paying someone with a huge Email list to send promotional Emails including your offer to their subscribers .

Solo Ads can be very effective if you get it right. But it can also be worthless and costly if you don’t know how to do it .

As in my case, I was able to make 102$ after Yoonla deleted some of the unqualified and repeated leads, and below you will see a snapshot of my earnings .


You can see that I am at a loss to this time, but there are other factors that come at play, like the quality of the solo ads I purchased was not that great .

And I did not buy into solo ads before, but still I made sure that the Yoonla squeeze page does convert pretty well, and that I can scale my results to a thousand dollars monthly easily .

For the time being, I am testing a lot of different methods to drive traffic to Yoonla, because that’s how you make money, test, test, test and work, work, work !

Who is the Founder of Yoonla ?

Yoonla Review , Reno Van Boven

Reno Van Boven is the founder of Yoonla™, a digital marketing E-learning company . Based in New Zealand with over 10 years experience as a digital entrepreneur, he has a strong passion for motivating and teaching people to achieve online success .

Yoonla Elite Facebook Group .

When you upgrade to a Yoonla Elite member, you will have a chance to join their Facebook group and benefit from the many success stories out there.

This is the best part about Yoonla, since you will be able to meet real people who have achieved success with this system, and also meet those who have had failures promoting Yoonla and learn from their mistakes.

A lot of people post their proof of payments in the group, their methods of driving traffic and tips of promotion that you cannot find anywhere else.

You can also interact directly with other members and ask questions, a lot of people will be happy to offer you advice as engagement is very high in the group.

Reno Van Boven, the CEO of Yoonla answers questions directly in the group on a daily basis, and he provides help to all members without exceptions, you just need to ask good questions .

Yoonla Review – The Pros and Cons .

The Pros :

Yoonla gives you a good foundation to learn the basics of CPA and Affiliate marketing on their starter membership website. This allows you to know exactly what’s it’s like to do that type of online entrepreneurship, and what you can expect to confront in your journey to become successful .

Yoonla have a second tier earning system, which means that you can make money from your referrals and from their referrals as well .

Yoonla is legit and paying, and hundreds of people have been able to scale their earnings to over 100$ days in a short period of time .

Yoonla have great support on their Facebook Elite group which builds a lot of trust around the product, and allows you to meet thousands of people who are doing the same work and learn from their successes and failures .

The CEO of Yoonla, Mr Reno is always there on the group to assist members with any issues or questions they may have, and that’s in itself is a great privilege when you have a millionnaire mentor at hands ready to help you when you need .

Yoonla Cons

You need to pay for domain hosting and autoresponder to be able to make money with Yoonla, that maybe the case that lowers the chance of Yoonla to be a top notch affiliate marketing product, but as I already told you, even if you go somewhere else, you will find that those tools are essential to build a good online business of yours .

Yoonla is not good for the lazy people who want to become rich in the blink of an eye, if you are not ready to work at least one hour a day for a period of at least three months, you cannot go further with that system .

Yoonla does only have one payment method which is Paypal at this time, this may lower the chance of you getting paid at your choice if you don’t have Paypal . But just to remind you, Paypal is free, and you can get an account as fast as today .

Yoonla will not count any leads for you for a period of one month if at least 2 referrals don’t upgrade to Elite . This is to make sure that people don’t scam them with Bots, and that the leads are from quality traffic .

Yoonla Review – My Final Toughts .

To sum it up, Yoonla is a great platform to earn you money from the comfort of your own home, provided that you do the required job to promote it properly.

It does also have great learning material, a good community of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and a great support at hands . However, you will need to pay a fee to be qualified to earn money, and you will also need to do some serious job to be successful with Yoonla, this does not mean that if you go with another product, you will not need those tools, but this means that Yoonla is only for serious people who are determined to learn and achieve digital success in our days . So if you are determined, go and give it a try, do your job around it, and I am more than certain, You will achieve success !